Bingo rules – What you should definitely know

Bingo is a game that has always enjoyed great popularity in Great Britain and is also gaining more and more fans in Germany, especially since online bingo has been around  . Online bingo offers many advantages over regular bingo, such as free game tickets, lucrative bonuses and prizes such as luxury travel and much more. For particularly keen players, online bingo often has special VIP programs that score points with great extra promotions and are especially interesting for existing customers. Which casinos offer which bonuses and which bonus offers are worthwhile can be seen in our exclusive casino bonus comparison read up. Regardless of which casino you register with to play bingo – without the appropriate knowledge of the rules, you can rarely achieve the winnings that might be possible. Therefore, in this article we will deal with the slots pay by mobile phone rules and explain them step-by-step so that the bingo rules are clear to everyone.

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The basics at a glance

Anyone who wants to make corresponding profits must of course know the bingo rules like “the back of their hand”, because only those who know the rules can act in a targeted manner and apply appropriate strategies. In bingo, a distinction is made between two major variants: 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. The first variant is most widespread in Germany and is also played a lot in the USA and Canada.

Bingo game rules: Everything about 75 ball bingo at a glance

A bingo card in 75 ball bingo comprises 25 playing fields. Random numbers between 1 and 75 are shown on the fields. There are 5 rows with 5 fields, so that the playing fields form a 5 × 5 matrix. There is an empty space in the middle of this matrix. Every 15 seconds a bingo ball is drawn, which you have to compare with the numbers on your card – as quickly as possible. On the playing card, for easier identification, the cards from 1-15 are in a row, those from 16-30 in the next and so on, until all the numbers up to 75 are distributed accordingly. Corresponding letters of the word BINGO are assigned to the rows of numbers. The player whose numbers are drawn first in the corresponding pattern (each provider specifies a different order) presses the “Bingo” button and has won the round.In a real amusement arcade, “BINGO” is simply called out instead. The most common game is three rounds.

90 ball bingo: you have to pay attention to that

If you want to learn bingo, you may have come across 90 ball bingo. The design of the 90 ball playing card looks different than that of the 75 ball playing card. The map shows three rows and nine columns. The numbers are sorted in rows of ten. There are also empty fields, which however have no meaning for the game and can easily be ignored. In total you have a 3 × 9 playing field with 27 fields . Here, too, number balls are drawn, which should then be found on the bingo card. This game variant is often played in Australia and Great Britain and is very popular there. In addition, these bingo game rules are easy to implement, as these bingo rules should also be quickly understandable for beginners.

It is important to know that not every bingo game is the same, but that there can be differences every time. A different pattern is announced before each round, which must be achieved in order for the win to occur. Each number drawn by the automatic caller is marked on the card. Such a pattern can be, for example, a horizontal or horizontal line, or a “coverall” pattern. With the coverall pattern, every number on the card must be called up, because it is a so-called “full house” game with special challenges.

90 ball bingo is particularly popular in England.

If you want to play bingo successfully, you simply have to be quick to find the numbers on the card. Most users play with several bingo cards at the same time and of course have a higher chance of winning, even if they of course have to use higher stakes for this. In itself, however, the game of bingo is so simple that even new players will have no problem understanding the game.

Socializing is also part of it online

Anyone who has ever been to a bingo arcade knows how loud and sociable it can get there, and it is not for nothing that bingo is called out loudly in the end. Of course, this is not possible online, but you can still chat on the Internet via the bingo chat rooms. Here it is of course important to behave fairly and decently and not to grudge winners with their winnings, even if you have just been abandoned by Fortuna yourself. Many experienced online bingo players like to help newbies learn bingo rules and thus help to benefit from their own experiences. You can also find great bingo communities in the All Slots Casino , for example .

On the subject of new players, we would like to add that newbies should definitely familiarize themselves with the test mode, even if they think they have enough knowledge of the rules. How does this work? Many casino providers offer a free test mode with which you can play as a user without having to dig into your wallet. In most cases you also have to register, which is certainly not a disadvantage, as the registration is quick and easy. In demo mode, even more experienced players can try out new strategies and warm up without any risk. So anyone can play bingo for free should take a look at the providers in our online casino test and see which provider comes closest to personal needs before starting to play bingo with real money.

Luckily, learning the rules of bingo is child’s play, as bingo is one of the easiest games of chance there is. Depending on the variant (75 or 90 ball)numbers are simply drawn that are to be found in a certain pattern on the user’s playing card. The winner then simply clicks the “BINGO” button and shows that he has achieved the goal and found the numbers on his card again. Bingo is particularly popular in Great Britain, the USA and Canada, but is also gaining more and more fans in Germany thanks to its online version. In general, online bingo has great advantages over regular bingo, as it not only offers great prizes and jackpots, but also interesting bonuses and other special promotions. So it’s no wonder that more and more players are giving preference to online bingo.