Ways To Cheat Or Get Cheated In Online Poker

One might assume that playing online games is safe and secure as compared to the conventional gambling tables. And while most of the time it is pretty safer, there are ways to cheat or get cheated in daftar idn poker.

The concept of cheating is quite traditional in poker tables and casinos. The probability of a person getting swindled out of his money is quite high while playing gambling games. One of the usual ways of fraud involves insider cheating. All it needs is a tipping of the dealers, chip runners or the employees, and you can get them to tip the odds in your favor. Another method of land-based room cheating that is in fact practiced by live rooms themselves involves randomness of a shuffle. Most players argue that such means of non-random card dealing is strife with cheating, in a way as to favor their own establishment. Another concept of cheating called collusion is also common wherein players try to up their chance by sending three or more players of the same team to hijack the game in one of their favor.

While these practices are extremely common in land-based casinos, online games might appear to be pretty safe of such scams. But the fact remains that there quite a few ways one can cheat online.

So if you’re looking for ways to cheat your way to higher profits or if you need to protect yourself from scammers online, beware of these methods.

  • Multi-Accounting
  • Bots
  • Ghosting
  • Collusion
  • Access to hole cards
  • Multi-Accounting: Online rooms usually forbid players from opening more than a single account with real money on their websites. By preventing multi-accounting they try to avoid bonus fraud. However, this does not create problems for the players themselves directly. Multi-accounting players can play by using two or more accounts to play either at the same table or in a single tournament. By doing so they can get an upper hand and an unfair advantage because he can see more than two hole cards and not to mention has ‘two lives’ or double the chances of winning a hand. Although some online rooms have certain strict guidelines about such things where players actually have to submit their id’s before starting the game. Many rooms also have an added feature of tracking IP addresses and preventing the same IP address to create different accounts on the site. So if you are looking to not be cheated by such means, these are the online rooms to go for. But even so, there is always a possibility of slipping through these cracks, at-least until the players get caught.

Collusion: This method involves a cooperative play between two or more player at the table. This means that two players have their eye on the hole cards and communicate to intentionally win money from an opponent. This kind of cheating is termed as fraud and prohibited by all poker rooms. Although this method could be time -consuming to maintain communication and difficult to multi-table and collude at the same time.